DPhil Students

Fourth Year DPhil

Yung-Kang PengYung-Kang Peng

Hi, I am Will. I am a fourth year D.Phil student at St Edmund Hall. Before I joined Professor Tsang’s group, I recieved my BSc and MSc degrees in chemistry from National Chung Cheng University and National Taiwan University. Currently, my research is focussed on using NMR techniques to probe the active sites in nanocatalysts. During my spare time I enjoy playing piano and swimming.

ben loBen Lo

I am Ben, 4th year DPhil from St John’s College. As a half student from Diamond Light Source, I focus on determining various modified zeolitic structures (with or without adsorbents). I specialise in XRD and use Rietveld refinement as my regular tool. In my spare time, I travel a lot. And I love sports as well, mainly playing basketball, squash and gym.

HannahHannah Kreissl

I’m Hannah, a fourth year D.Phil Corpus Christi College and I work on biomass activation using niobium oxides as catalysts. Before joining the Tsang group I studied at Jacobs University in Germany. During my free time I like swimming and hiking.

binBin Yu

I’m Bin, a fourth year DPhil student. My research will focus on discovering the epoxidation mechanism and designing a new route for propene epoxidation. Hopefully I’ll get some good science done. Life is so much better with chemistry!

IvoIvo Teixeira

I commenced my DPhil in the Tsang Group in October 2013. I am working on converting biomass into aromatics (BTX). Before coming to Oxford I studied at UFMG (Brazil), where I obtained my BSc and MSc in Chemistry. During my free time I like reading and watching movies. I also enjoy travelling and sometimes playing soccer.

Third Year DPhil

Lizzie RaineLizzie Raine

I’m Lizzie, a third year DPhil student from University College. I did my undergraduate at Lady Margaret Hall, and completed my part ii in the Tsang group. I am working on new nanoparticle alloys for catalysis. In my spare time I enjoy skiing, playing tennis and travelling.


Hi, I’m Molly. I’m a third year DPhil student at university college. I have been working in Tsang’s group as a research associate prior to my DPhil study, working on the synthesis of Cu-based and Pd-based catalysts. Currently, I am based on my previous research and further expand the horizon toward the catalysis of CO2 hydrogenation.

Second Year DPhil

JoshJosh Fellowes

I’m Josh. I got into chemistry because I’m passionate about developing environmentally friendly technologies, and working on our electrochemical ammonia project is a great way to pursue this. I like to spend my free time travelling, doing sports, or just hanging out with friends.

ThomasThomas Lau

I am Thomas, the second year DPhil student. You can also call me Hiu-Ming. I am currently working on synthesising green electrocatalyst under the supervision of Edman and Prof. John Foord. Working out in Gym and watching movies are some of my favourite activities during weekends.

TimTim Sudmeier

Hi I’m Tim and I am working on electrochemical ammonia synthesis. With this research we’re trying to partially replace the Haber-Bosch process and substitute it with a more economical and environmentally friendly alternative. Outside science, I enjoy all kinds of sports like frisbee, football or skiing, and like to get involved at my college, St Hugh’s.

JiriJiri Kulhavy

I’m Jiri, a DPhil student from St Peter’s College. My research in the group focuses on synthesizing, modifying and testing of two-dimensional materials, studying their properties, and engineering them into novel layered nanostructures. Successful new nanostructures are consequently tested as electrode materials in batteries or as catalysts. Outside of the lab I enjoy travelling, hiking, sports and dancing. I am also a part of the University’s dancesport competition team.

LinusLinus Lin

I am Linus, a second year DPhil student from St Cross. My current research topic is zeolites synthesis and characterisation. In addition, I will try to use these zeolite samples as catalysts in methane activation reaction. Before joining the Tsang group I received my bachelor and master at National Taiwan University and University College London respectively. I enjoy swimming in my spare time.

First Year DPhil

SimsonSimson Wu

I’m Simson, a first year DPhil student from Wolfson College. I am working on the synthesis of ammonia under low pressure using novel ruthenium-based catalysts. With this research we are trying to produce a carbon-free source of electricity via wind power. In my spare time I enjoy travelling and playing pool.

KirstyKirsty Purchase

I’m Kirsty, a first year DPhil student from St Annes. I’m researching ammonia absorbents with the aim of improving the efficiency of ammonia production. I completed my undergraduate at the University of St Andrews. In my spare time I enjoy travelling and cooking.

TatchyTatchamapan Yoskamtorn

Hi I am Tatchy, a first year DPhil student from St Edmund Hall. I received my master’s degree in chemistry from Kasetsart University, Thailand. My current research is based on monitoring catalysis of metal clusters inside crystalline porous materials by using Synchrotron techniques. I usually spend my spare time on doing yoga, Zumba dancing, travelling and taking a photo.

TianyiTianyi Chen

I am Tianyi Chen, a first year DPhil student from Oriel College. I received my BSc and MRes degree in Chemistry from Imperial College London. My research project focus on synthesizing, imaging and testing of some modified non-precious metal nanoparticles under the supervision of Prof. Edman Tsang and Prof. Peter Nellist. Besides of Chemistry, I like traveling , watching Japanese TV drama and reading books.