Part II Students

IrisJiaying Mo

I’m Jiaying, a part II student from Somerville College. And you can call me Iris. I am working on cathode catalysts for ammonia synthesis at atmospheric pressure and low temperature. With this research we are trying to use an energy-saving and environmental pollution reducing method to synthesize ammonia compared with the traditional Haber process. In my spare time, I enjoy skiing and travelling.

AmyAmy Lu

Hi,I am Amy, a joint Part II student under the supervision of Prof. Tsang and Prof. Foord, currently I am working on a project studying the catalytic ability of MoS2 on Hydrogen evolution reaction, hopefully I will have some fun chemistry done. In my free time I love to travel and hang out with friends.

HarryHarry Woodcock

I’m Harry, a part II student from University College. I am working with Pu on zeolites. Outside of lab I am an active member of the Oxford Law Society.