EduardoEduardo Barbosa

I am Eduardo, a visiting Ph.D. student in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of São Paulo in Brazil, on my last year as a graduate student. I obtained my BSc. in Chemistry from the University of Londrina (2014), also in Brazil, with a one year visiting period at Clark University (2012) in Massachusetts, USA. My Ph.D. research has been based on employing shape-controlled semiconducting oxides decorated with metallic nanoparticles for both photocatalysis and/or electrocatalysis, focusing on the plasmonic properties of mostly Au nanoparticles. At the University of Oxford, my project focuses on understanding how plasmonic catalysis can affect reactions of great interest such as CO2 hydrogenation and hydrogen evolution, correlating their morphology, shape, and size with their catalytic activity. Travelling, spending time with friends, and working out are just a few of my favorite activities when outside of the lab.