Our research interests are mainly on both fundamental and applied aspects in Solid State Chemistry and Heterogeneous Catalysis. Currently, Prof. Tsang is working on a number of projects concerning some alternative clean technologies including “hydrogen production from biomasses” and Johnson Matthey funded projects on fuel cell catalysts. Some of his very recent research interests are in the areas of carbon dioxide activation, capture, storage and subsequent conversion into useful chemicals/materials (reduction in carbon loading in atmosphere) and the development of alternative renewable energy sources (carbon neutral catalytic processes) in collaboration with a number of UK universities through UK EPSRC funded consortia (Formic acid economy and C-cycle: CO2 capture, activation and utilisation) and industrial companies (Johnson Matthey, Thomas Swan and Aramco, etc) in order to take the long term vision of reducing the carbon emission to the atmosphere. Research work involves synthesis, testing and characterisation of novel solid state materials for a wide range of applications, which can be mainly grouped into 3 areas.


Development of Novel Nano-materials for Catalysis, Sensor and Bio-medical applications

Novel Nano-materials

Heterogeneous Catalysis and Cleaner Energy Provision

Heterogeneous Catalysis and Cleaner Energy Provision

Heterogeneous Catalysis and Fine Chemical Production