Cleaner Energy Provision

Heterogeneous Catalysis and Cleaner Energy Provision

Heterogeneous catalysis plays a vital role in energy provision and environment, which relates to both wealth and welfare of mankind. Particularly, carbon dioxide (CO2) issue has recently become the focus of global attention because of the position of CO2 as the primary greenhouse gas and the implication of its emissions on the problem of climate change. Burning non-renewable fuels releases the CO2 stored millions of years ago. Deforestation decelerates the CO2↔O2 renewal cycle in the atmosphere.

Thus, we work in the areas of carbon dioxide activation, capture, storage and subsequent conversion into useful chemicals/materials (reduction in carbon loading in atmosphere) and the development of alternative renewable energy sources (carbon neutral catalytic processes) in collaboration with a number of UK universities through EPSRC funded consortia (Formic acid economy and C-cycle: CO2 capture ,activation and utilisation) and industrial companies (Johnson Matthey, Thomas Swan and Aramco, etc) in order to take the long term vision of reducing the carbon emission to the atmosphere. Current projects concerning hydrogen storage, development of fuel cell catalysts, cleaner catalytic combustion, green chemistry (oil, gas and coal utilisation), energy efficiency chemical processes (on-board reforming), catalytic processes for energy productions (i.e. photocatalysis, reforming of bio-fuels) are ongoing.